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Lunging and barking on the leash


Inability to wait for reward, impatience


Panic, destructivity, excessive drooling, urinating/defecating, excessive vocalization..among others.


Immediate response to threat, insecurity, hiding, evasiveness, freezing, trembling, urinating


Over arousal, excessive jumping, unrested, destructiveness

Aggressive behaviors

Biting, guarding resources, possessiveness, defensiveness

Sounds familiar?

For those dogs with big feelings.  Easy Dog offers Behavioral Therapy for dogs who struggle with emotionally charged issues such as aggression, anxiety, fears, hyper-activity, over arousal, impulsivity, and more.

When dealing with behavioral problems Ian Fontaine follows a protocol that includes prevention, relaxation, confidence building, and redirection all through positive reinforcement.

Let's start with a chat

When it comes to behavioral modification, it's important to work with a certified professional. These are complex issues that require education and expertise to tackle. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun while we work on them! At Easy Dog, we take your dog's behavior seriously, but we also know how to inject some playfulness into the process. Let's work together to help your furry friend be the best version of themselves.

Trainer certifiatons

Trainer's mastery

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