Puppy starter!

* Disclaimer: All success is based on the amount of time and work put in by the human.

Bringing a new puppy home

​Learning positive behaviors during this crucial period would help avoid undesired behaviors as they grow. The class would focus on: 

  • Crate training

  • Food routine

  • Potty routine

  • House manners

  • Jumping and biting

  • Desensitization and socialization

  • Chew inhibition

Have fun be consistent and you won't just have a dog but a close companion!

Stella the blue nose pitbull.png
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Reebie: 3 months

Gracie and Palmer

3 months

Bella 10 weeks

Image by okeykat

Let's Work Together

Let me help improve your animal-owner relationship. Training improves communication between you and your pet, strengthening the bonds of loyalty and obedience, and increasing the potential to introduce a well-loved member into your family for the rest of their life.