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Easy Dog's Mission

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

The outlook of Easy Dog is not just to train great dogs, it is to train people to look for the good in their dogs so that their dogs can do more good for them. This forms a strong bond/connection between humans and their animals. One way we do this is by clearly communicating with food and praise marking desired behaviors all the time.

Why? Because food and praise are great motivators. If the dog is always looking to you for recognition of good behaviors it is more likely to practice those desired behaviors you’ve marked. This builds healthy relationship with a dog much less likely to focus on things you find undesirable because you have become the object of desire.

But becoming the object of desire requires many things. Patience, trust, understanding, clear communication and most importantly what we stress to everyone in every session with Easy Dog is REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

What does that mean? It means that I will not have my dog to do something it doesn’t understand how to do nor will I place my dog in a situation it can not handle. Instead, I need to break down my training sessions into what my dog understands and work my way up from there. We do this by first getting to know our own dog and what motivates it as well as what it likes or doesn’t like. Now we have a different outlook for our dogs.

What can I achieve with my dog?

Sometimes that may be a lot less than what we were expecting, but even so, it is important to be patient with them in order to develop new skills. Without patience and realistic expectations, the only outcome is frustration. Even if you are using food or praise to train your dog, without genuinity those things you're giving your dog lose a lot of value.

This in turn makes training sessions that much more enjoyable for you and your furry friend. Our advice to all our clients is to have fun with your dog! The moment it stops being fun, stop training and end the session on a win. To end on a win simply means to have your dog achieve something you know it can do, reward, and go on about your day. Animals are pleasure seekers and pain avoiders and the same is for humans. So make it a pleasurable time that way you are eager for your next training session. Every win or success you have with your dog makes training that much more enjoyable.

To conclude. Enjoy your dog! And if you are looking to get a new dog. Make sure you are selecting one that has the personality that you desire. For instance, if you like to be a couch potato and watch movies. Get a breed that doesn’t require a lot of exercises. If you are a marathon runner get a dog that always wants to go on a run. As humans, we make life as difficult or as easy as we want through the decisions we make. So take your time, have fun and be realistic with yourself and what it is you want.

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