Easy Dog offers Behavioral Therapy for dogs who suffer from emotionally charged issues such as aggression, anxiety, fears, hyper- activity, over arousal, impulsivity and more.

When dealing with behavioral problems Ian Fontaine follows a protocol which includes prevention, relaxation, confidence building, redirection all through positive reinforcement. 


*The time frame depends of the complexity of the case. A diagnosis consultation would be necessary before starting. 

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Most common behaviors

Whether your pet has troubles in the house, at the park, or socializing with other animals, our services cover the A to Z of being a dog guardian. 


Lunging and barking on the leash


Inability to wait for reward, impatience


Panic, destructivity, excessive drooling, urinating/defecating, excessive vocalization..among others.


Immediate response to threat, insecurity, hiding, evasiveness, freezing, trembling, urinating


Over arousal, excessive jumping, unrested, destructiveness

Aggressive behaviors

Biting, guarding resources, possessiveness, defensiveness

Remember one should never label a dog based on these behaviors, these are symptoms of the environment the dog is or was subjected to. That's why a diagnosis consultation is crucial for the recovery of the animal. 

Trainer's mastery

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